Moving Forward Peacefully After This Contentious Presidential Race

I woke up this morning in a very peaceful state. I’m not shocked or upset about the election results. I’m just grateful for the President Obama administration. Under his so called “bad” administration my husband and I found great jobs, were able purchase homes & cars, are comfortably raising our four beautiful children. We feel safe and need for absolutely nothing. I’m so thankful for his leadership and sacrifices he and his family has made to serve our country. With that being said, I look forward to finding positive things to say about our future administration.

President elect Donald Trump will not rain on my parade of joy and gratitude toward the much higher authority of this world, Jehova God. I believe that it’s because of our family’s allegiance to Him that we have been blessed in the past 8 years when allegedly many others have struggled. My hope and faith will remain and only be in my God, before this country and anyone else in authority! So for the folks who are confused about what to tell their children today, tell them that when their faith and hope is in the Lord, they can thrive under any presidency. It’s that simple.

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