Just Saying No Because God said So…

My spiritual father used to always say, we live in a microwave oven and Burger King type of world. We want everything fast and “our way.” We all have our personal goals, career goals, and spiritual goals which are great to have, but what’s most important is knowing how to prioritize them. 

If you are married your higher priority (over everything but loving God) is your husband and then your children. EVERYTHING revolves around our family not the other way around. If we can’t take care of home, how can we be successful in anything else?!? 1 Timothy 3:5 is very clear about the true priority when it comes people who cannot manage their own home but tries to manage a church. I believe that this could also be applied to other commitments like a business, organization, club, or any other endeavors we may have. We truly can’t successfully manage or lead effectively if our home is chaotic and out of order. 

We also need to remember that there is a time and a season for everything. Being cognizant of this let’s you know when to say yes, no or “Not at this Time”. I like to use the phrase “Not at this time” because it simply means I’m interested but need to postpone. Just note that there will be more times when you likely need to tell yourself (and people) no.

Thinking about who and what I need to let go in order to do what God called me to do effectively…

God knows the plan that He has for us but usually does not layout the exact timing to everyone. And many times God’s voice gets distorted because we’re too busy pleasing ourselves and people. We need to slow down, listen to the Lord , be obedient, use discernment and wisdom, then more details are revealed. Since God already had the plan for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and has given us these gifts to bring Him glory on this earth, when do we use them?

I’ve heard many people say that God has taken their gift away but the bible teaches us that He doesn’t (Romans 11:29). God just wants us to use our gifts according to His plan for us. Let’s think about our gifts, purpose and season. What are we doing right now that doesn’t fall in line with God’s Word or purpose for our lives? What or who do we need to say “No” to in order to accomplish the unique mission God has given each and every one of us? Think about that. 

3 responses to “Just Saying No Because God said So…”

  1. This was soooooooo AWESOME!!!


  2. This was soooooooo AWESOME!!!


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    We also need to remember that there is a time and a season for everything. #LOVEit


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