Time to Say Goodbye 👋

After over 11 years of being committed to you, thankfulness & gratefulness flows from my heart. You’ve taught me how to be a leader, innovator, professional, results driven, and a team player. I came to the company as a know-it-all 'tweener'- single with no children and no 5-year plan in place. And somehow, my summer … Continue reading Time to Say Goodbye 👋

#AntiSuperwomanMentality: My Efforts are Enough

Everyone knows a woman or two, who seem to have it all. She has the job, the family and is very active in her community. A lady who’s strong and who keeps herself along with her kiddos looking good…  She portrays an image of the ideal woman, in the Bible, described in Proverbs 31. “Her … Continue reading #AntiSuperwomanMentality: My Efforts are Enough