Time to Say Goodbye 👋

After over 11 years of being committed to you, thankfulness & gratefulness flows from my heart. You’ve taught me how to be a leader, innovator, professional, results driven, and a team player. I came to the company as a know-it-all ‘tweener’- single with no children and no 5-year plan in place. And somehow, my summer gig quickly turned into a full time career. You gave me a chance and endless opportunities followed. Now I am leaving as a much wiser woman but always learning along the way as I focus on the next phase in my life. I now strive to be a ‘learn-it-all’ versus a ‘know-it-all’!

I’ve worked with some of the most ingenious people who sacrifice and labor countless hours to develop cures/treatments for many life threatening diseases. I will always treasure the time spent with these brilliant folks and all the wisdom they’ve imparted.

So today, oh yes, is a bittersweet day as I officially say goodbye to you, Abbott/AbbVie! This experience has been more than rewarding. It has literally been life changing. 2018 is the year of many new beginnings so, here we go!

#NewYear #NewMind #NewGrind #Momlife #servantlife #blessedlife #lifeisgood #Godisgood

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