Do You Love Me?

“Do You Love Me?”

That’s a question we’ve all probably asked before—whether it be directed toward a spouse, child, friend or even God. But sometimes I believe we tend to forget what love really is hence the reason we ask.

We have an idea of love but when we experience it or have the opportunity to extend it, we become leery or confused about it. Maybe it’s because of trust issues or just the lack of experience with showing and receiving it in general. Perhaps it’s because love doesn’t always look or feel the way we think it should.

The reality is that our love looks different for everyone just as God’s love for us does. Not right or wrong, less or more—different meaning unique or God-fitting for the individual receiving it and extending it. The truth is that the only way we can know how to love and receive love, is by drawing closer to God and loving Him the most (obeying His word- John 14:21).

My everyday prayer is that we always remember God’s reckless love for us—that He will give us the eyes to see His children the way He does so we can love like Him.

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