🚨 About the Schools Re-opening in the Fall…

There is a lot to consider to say the least. It is a proven fact that the virus is likely to spread faster when indoors no matter what precautions are taken. There are people who are still asymptomatic. I stopped listening to the suggestions from our federal government because I feel they are not honest and never have been about the effects of COVID-19. It’s still a virus that we know little information about and still don’t have a vaccine for.

I teach ESL classes for students in China. My students who live in or near Beijing were allowed to go back to school with some strenuous guidelines and procedures in place, back in mid-April. Almost three weeks later, they closed the schools again because of another deadly outbreak. Most schools have since, remained closed.

If you are planning to send your children back to school please be prepared for this. We are still about two months behind Beijing in restoring IL and some states are set back even more because they opened up way too soon.

This week I went into my youngest child’s school to help a parent register their child. There was a ominous vibe about the school. It was clean, orderly and social distancing was being practiced—but there also weren’t any children there. The presence of children changes everything. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what it would take to keep masks on kindergarteners let alone 6 ft spacing. Should we put that type of pressure on teachers and administrators when their main job is to educate?

All things considered I have finalize my decision to keep my children home and continue the remote learning. I am grateful to be in a position where I can do this. If you can’t because you have to go back to work (or continue working outside the home), I strongly urge you to look for a babysitter or home daycare options, now.

This is a such stressful time for some people because we are forced to make vast decisions that can ultimately alter our life and the life of others. It’s even worse that we have little guidance and support that we can actually trust.

The Word says that if anyone lacks wisdom to ask God for it and He’ll give it generously (James 1:5). I am praying that everyone receives Godly wisdom and the support needed to make the right decision for your family. Don’t forget to extend some grace and compassion to others and yourselves. Hang in there!

parentlife #BeEncouraged #PrayWithoutCeasing

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