“Not Worthy to be Compared”

Here I am, at a place where I belong, the feet of the King of Kings. I don’t ever want to believe that I’m personally strong enough, holy enough, wise enough or good enough to carry the weight of this life on my own.

If you’ve ever been broken or you feel like you are now, remember it’s a very familiar place for Someone else who suffered horrifically and intentionally, just for you. His name is Jesus Christ.

Let’s be reminded that He was also broken—persecuted and hurt by those whom He loved. I would imagine that the pain He experienced physically and emotionally had to feel unbearable. But just as Paul says in this scripture, His pain and sufferings were also not worthy to be compared to God’s glory revealed to Him and in Him.

Devastating circumstances will break you. People will hurt you. You will hurt them. But simultaneously, when we seek and praise God during the difficult times, forgive quickly and humble ourselves to ask for forgiveness, we can then experience growth in grace, truth, faith, love, and the glory of God through Jesus Christ.

He gives beauty for ashes, joy for pain, grace for humility, promises for faith, and glory for grit.

Greater purpose does not come without greater pain and there’s no glory without grit. So keep hanging in there friends. Jesus is advocating for us. He is with us. Better days are soon to come. 🤍

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