Bigger Than Black History Month

This picture gave me chills this morning. MLK was probably my age in this picture and died a few years later… Makes me think about all that he sacrificed because of a dream for his family and others. A dream for a better life for minorities, unity, love (God’s love) and equality for all.

He was a man of great faith—knew his greater calling and remained confident in Jesus that he’ll see light and change in the darkest of times. Many believers didn’t even support him mainly because of fear. He did it afraid and his wife stood by him knowing the risks.

We must remember that it’s not divisive or less loving to expose what’s wrong. That’s the only way to bring people together, effect change and make things right. We can preach love and kindness all we want but if we don’t publicly and actively defend those who have been oppressed by racist systems, wrongfully killed or hurt and rebuke the oppressors, those loving and kind words are empty.

If all believers in Christ of all races, truly lived out their faith, we would be heavily involved in politics and activism. There is no separation of politics and religion or church and state, mentioned in the bible. Advocating for all of God’s people is not a political agenda. It’s a Kingdom agenda.

Praying God gives us all strength and grace to keep fighting this fight from all angles, together. Don’t grow weary in well doing. We’re making strides but we’re not there yet.

FaithinAction #LoveinAction #BetterDaysAreComing #KeepPushing #BiggerthanBlackHistoryMonth

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