Juneteenth #Freeish

This morning, my husband and I reminisced on what we’ve persevered through over the years. We didn’t grow up in perfect neighborhoods. We’ve been exposed to racism, discrimination, poverty, shootings, substance abuse, police brutality, violence and murder etc.

We’ve been victims of excessive force used by police officers but also been robbed and dodged bullets in our own communities. Unfortunately, we’ve lost family members and friends to gun violence and a few just last year.

It was by the grace of God that we were saved. We were blessed with parents and support systems, who encouraged us to not fall victim to a system made to oppress us just as slavery oppressed our ancestors.

Although we now live a blessed and successful life, we will always fight for those who were not as fortunate as we were. It’s about our childhood friends, neighbors, family members and future generations who need the support we had.

When you see us preaching the gospel and advocating for people in our communities, just know that it’s our reasonable service as Believers and ambassadors of Christ. We are called to use our freedom to serve others through the love of Christ.

We don’t have all the answers nor proclaim to be perfect, but we believe change will come if we keep pressing on. It’s what we’ll do till the day we die.

#HappyJuneteenth #KeepBelieving #KeepFighting #KeepBeingALight #KeepBeingAVoice

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