My life is truly one that I am so extremely thankful for. I have been married to my best friend and better half since January 23rd, 2008! We have been blessed with four beautiful children who give me a new gray hair daily as I stay at home with them full time. My husband and I are the senior pastors of Next Generation Church in Maywood, IL.

My perspective about EVERYTHING and the way I live my life has been said to be interesting but inspiring.  I have devoted my life to Jesus Christ and everyday I find a new way to bring him glory.

Outside of doing ministry work with my husband, I also work part time as an online ESL teacher and homeschool our youngest child. In my rare free time, I enjoy taking family vacations, exploring the great outdoors, reading, writing, watching TV/movies, game nights and playing almost every sport invented.

My blessings, from the left: B.J. (Twin), Naomi-above (Twin) Nadia (lying on daddy), Bary


When you read my writings I kindly ask that your mind is opened and not quick to judge. My goal is to speak about topics that most individuals, moms and wives leave out of their friendly conversations that I feel could help give others hope in their own hectic lives. You know what I’m talking about.. the struggles, embarrassments and insecurity issues we all have in life but we’re not always courageous enough to talk about it.

I intend to openly share my experiences as a wife, mom ministry leader with high hopes to encourage ALL of you readers to embrace your peculiarities, be content with your own lives and love who YOU are, not who you want to be… in the moment.

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