Stay Planted

Just as a plant, it’s your environment and what’s inside of you that dictates your strength and growth. The deeper your roots the stronger you are. If you are in a place that's not feeding what makes you strong, your spiritual growth and life is at stake. Don’t waver between good and evil, love and … Continue reading Stay Planted


Heart Made Whole

My god-brother sent this old picture to me. It brings back so many memories. I was immediately reminded of what I was going through during this time. Though you see a silly smile...there was so much more going on behind it. . . It was my senior year of high school just before my 18th … Continue reading Heart Made Whole

Perfect Peace

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” ~Isaiah 26:3~ After traveling on a Boeing 737, for over three hours, I arrived safely and soundly to Phoenix, Arizona. Flying on an airplane is a lot like life. Sometimes it’s 'smooth sailing' and then we randomly encounter the inevitable … Continue reading Perfect Peace

#AntiSuperwomanMentality: My Efforts are Enough

Everyone knows a woman or two, who seem to have it all. She has the job, the family and is very active in her community. A lady who’s strong and who keeps herself along with her kiddos looking good…  She portrays an image of the ideal woman, in the Bible, described in Proverbs 31. “Her … Continue reading #AntiSuperwomanMentality: My Efforts are Enough

Just Saying No Because God said So…

My spiritual father used to always say, we live in a microwave oven and Burger King type of world. We want everything fast and "our way." We all have our personal goals, career goals, and spiritual goals which are great to have, but what's most important is knowing how to prioritize them.  If you are … Continue reading Just Saying No Because God said So…

3 Reasons Why Marriage is Still “A Thing” For Us

We were in our early 20s when we decided to tie the knot 9 years ago. We had tons of people giving us the inevitable unsolicited advice. "Keep God in the center of your marriage" , "Keep a great love life" and "Communication is the key to a successful marriage" are just a few statements that I can remember. … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Marriage is Still “A Thing” For Us

Time or Money: Do We Really Have to Choose What’s More Important?????

"What's more important time or money?” was an interesting question I read that posted in a Facebook status. The person who wrote the post was specifically referring to sacrificing time with family and friends in order to work more hours. Well, from reading responses to that question I learned that it's all about perspective. A … Continue reading Time or Money: Do We Really Have to Choose What’s More Important?????