Pastoring and Parenting…Lesson Learned….

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6

Last night, our kidz church consisted of just our four kids. It’s happened many times before for a number of reasons. This time, I considered letting them watch a movie or even leaving them at home with a family member. After all, they are pastors’ kids. They get taught a biblical lesson pretty much everyday. But then it dawned on me….

What example am I setting as a believer, parent and pastor if I do this? Am I teaching my kids that they should only be committed to something they value when others show that they are, too? Would I still encourage them to go to school and achieve good grades if they were alone? Would I encourage them to take a break from basketball practice or robotics club if others decide to? These are all easy answers because majority of us are committed to education and extracurricular programs for our kids.

This is the lesson I learned…if I desire for them to be successful in all of those areas then I must continue to teach them (by my actions) to be committed to God’s desire for them, first.

Children value what we value and they learn more by seeing what we do than hearing what we say. In this moment, I honestly had to correct myself for wanting to “give my kids a break“ from church when Christ and His church is the most important commitment that they will ever have in this life. I can’t risk them thinking or believing that something comes before Christ. I came across this truth in the graphic below while scrolling on Instagram. It spoke volumes to me. 🙏

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