Restorative Justice Journey Part 1.

While in prayer and reading last week, I kept hearing and seeing the words restore/restoration. Then I came across this ‘Little Book of Restorative Justice’ by Howard Zehr, that I used years ago to complete my BS in Criminal Justice. This book changed my whole perspective of how I view and respond to crime and people who commit the crime.

In this season, I believe everyone is seeking justice, restoration and peace in one way or another, and crime has an effect on us all. Though I truly believe peace and restoration can only be found in Jesus, this has prompted me to do some more studying of practical restorative justice concepts to help prepare the hearts/minds of the lost and hurting.

It’s a process that addresses the harms and needs of every person involved (surviving victim, victims loved ones, community, offender and offender’s loved ones) in the wrongdoing that brings about justice, healing, and restoration. Then it brings those people to be saved eternally through Jesus, which of course is my ultimate goal.

I don’t feel led to go back into law enforcement work (though it’s tempting) and I’m really not exactly certain of what specific task/assignment will come from this. Whatever comes, I’m going to be prepared. Will need your support, friends. Stay tuned.

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